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Luxurious Bradbury mansion is for sale at $78 million

With the global recession having been more or less, a thing of the past, the real estate market in America seems to creeping towards its glory days again. It’s a mansion in Bradbury, named the ‘Bradbury Estate’, which is on the market for a price tag of $78 million. However, for a mansion estate to be of this size and of such grandeur, the price tag seems just about right: not all properties make you feel like a member of the royalty, or a true business tycoon like this one does. Yester years’ matured aesthetics, with minimalistic yet state-of-the-art modernity blend together to create this mansion that also boasts of some of the best views of nature and the city skyline.

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Pre-Owned Ducati Supermono goes for sale at $150,000

For those who have a fetish for ultra-powerful 2 wheelers, Ducati needs no real introduction. Perhaps thats the reason, why even pre-owned older models from the bike maker, sends a frenzy among the collectors world wide. In other words, its like a ‘badge of honor’ to own a Ducati. No wonder there was considerable hype for models like the Ducati Diesel custom edition, the Diavel AMG special edition, and the Multistrada 1200 S Pikes which have all appeared on the horizon in the past few years. Now an 1990′s production of the Ducati Supermono for grabs via Car and Classic, UK where the asking price tag is $150,000. This bike holds a special meaning for the lovers of the bike brand, because it was a limited edition of just 67 units, and was largely taken to be one of the best during its era.


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The legendary Nürburgring racetrack in Germany is up for sale at $161,000,000

When you are rich enough, it would be perhaps be a perfect match to have everything in a private collection, most of which would otherwise be public area? Whether it’s the homes and estates, the luxury yachts, or even private islands, the super rich will perhaps go the extra mile in order to flaunt and take into procession large rare portions of the earth, which other people who just dream of visiting in their lives. Now there is one such opportunity where the legendary German Formula 1 racetrack, called the Nurburgring, is up for sale for a private buyer. There is also news that there could be a serious discussion with a handful of interested parties, who are perhaps trying to work around the $161.39 million (€125 million) price tag of this famed circuit. Jens Leiser, the appointed liquidator also says that the ring could be sold in parts, or whole, and also that none of the parties in talks now are oil sheikhs or Russian oligarchs.


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How Master P Turned $10,000 Into A $350 Million Business Empire

Master P was raised in the Calliope housing projects, one of the most violent and drug infested areas of New Orleans. P planned to get his family out of the ghetto by playing in the NBA. After high school, he won a basketball scholarship to the University of Houston. Unfortunately P’s NBA dreams were dashed after he suffered a severe knee injury during the first few months of freshman year. After the injury, Master P left Houston and transferred to Merritt Junior College in Oakland to be closer to his family which had recently moved to the nearby city of Richmond. Determined to make something of himself and help his family live a better life, he soaked up as many business classes as he could at Merritt. In 1990, tragedy struck when P’s grandfather was killed in a work related accident. The one bright side of the accident was that it left Percy with a $10,000 malpractice insurance settlement check.

Armed with $10,000 and two years worth of junior college business classes, Master P decided to open a record store. He found a dilapidated building and struck a deal with the owner that gave him the first three months rent free in exchange for cleaning and renovating the storefront. The 21 year old future mogul soon launched “No Limit Records & Tapes” on San Pablo Avenue in Richmond, California. To reduce costs in those early days, Master P lived in a tiny storage room in the back of the shop with his wife Sonya and their one year old son, Percy Romeo Miller, Jr (AKA the future Lil Romeo). No Limit Records & Tapes mainly sold West Coast gangster rap albums with an emphasis on local East Bay artists like Tupac, Too Short, Rappin 4 Tay and E-40. Within a few months, the store was a hit in the community and in 1991 Master P began selling his own self produced album “Get Away Clean” through the newly launched “No Limit Records” label. To support the album, Master P set out on a West Coast tour as the opening act for Tupac and Too Short. Along the way, P connected with as many promoters and DJs that he could find. In 1992, after Master P’s second album “Mama’s Bad Boy” sold more than 150,000 album independently, he decided to move No Limit Records back to New Orleans in order to make a real run at the label business. By 1994, his third album “The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me!” sold an unheard of 250,000 units independently and No Limit Records grossed more than $900,000!

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