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$40,000 BMW-powered Gibbs Quadski ATV is a badass toy for rich boys

The world’s only high-speed Amphibian technology specialists, Gibbs Technologies which in year 2006 delivered the amphibian Quadski, the world’s first high-speed Amphibian Quadbike or All Terrain Bike ‘ATV’, has now commercially introduced the off-roader Quadski. Equipped with engineering delights like powerful BMW Motorrad K1300 engine and retractable wheels, this amphibian vehicle that obliterates the distinction between land and water transportation is scheduled to go on sale for around $40,000 in the United States by this year end. And, the Michigan-based Gibbs Sports Amphibians Inc. hopes to sell the vehicle which is being billed as the first commercially available high-speed amphibious vehicle, worldwide by the year 2014.

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20 Year Old Brazilian Girl Auctioning Virginity for Charity

How much would you pay to have sex with a beautiful 20 year old Brazilian girl? Would you pay more if that beautiful 20 year old girl was a virgin? What if the whole act was simultaneously a tax write off and raised money for charity? Ok, admittedly we’ve just glossed over some pretty glaring ethical issues, but assuming the girl is not being coerced in any way, it presents an interesting hypothetical question. This is the exact scenario being offered by a real life 20 year old student Brazilian named Catarina Migliorini. Catarina is auctioning her virginity to raise money to build houses for Rio de Janeiro’s poorest residents…

The auction ends at midnight on October 15th and in just a few hours after launching has already received thirteen bids from all over the world. The current high bid for Catarina is $160,000 made by an American named “Jack Miller.” The winner of the auction will be pre-screened for STDs and must wear a condom. Interestingly, in order to avoid local prostitution laws, the physical act will take place on a plane traveling from Australia to the United States. Also, Catarina has offered to provide the winner with verifiable “proof” of her virginity so he’s not getting ripped off.

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Fancy a gold statue of Jack Sparrow for $466,000

What does a pop star, a super model, a cartoon character, a cheery Saint and an enlightened one have in common? Gold is one thing that connects all of these well-known idols as they all have been immortalized in gilded avatar for collectors. The latest entrant to this dazzling gang is a Hollywood pirate. You guessed it correct, Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series stands up in gold for 36,000,000 yen (about $466,000). Played by Johnny Depp, this fictional character is offered by Japan based Kurotani Corporation in a limited number of three only. The other-wise scruffy looking character for once gets an opulent treatment. Jack Sparrow in pure 24K gold is 26 cm tall and weighs 1,800 grams.

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