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Papa John Schnatter’s $600 Million Fortune Bought This Insane Mansion

“Papa John” Schnatter is experiencing a major public relations backlash this week after announcing that he will be forced to raise the price of pizza by 14 cents becausePresident Obama was re-elected. Regardless of your political views, if there’s one thing you do not mess with in America, it’s the price of our fast food. Furthermore, even if Papa John was so worried about ObamaCare hurting his business, he never needed to make such a big public stink. Today hundreds of websites and thousands of people across the nation are calling for a Papa Johns boycott which, if successful, will only hurt hard working employees in the long run. I want to be clear that I absolutely admire John Schnatter’s success, especially his a $600 million net worth. Not trying to take political sides with this article, I just don’t think anyone would have noticed the 14 cent price increase, so he should have kept quiet and continued making cheesy pizza and super cheesy commercials.

When Papa John Schnatter hosted a fundraiser for Mitt Romney earlier this year, the Republican candidate began his remarks by saying: “Who would’ve imagined pizza could build this? This is really something. Don’t you love this country? What a home this is, what grounds these are, the pool, the golf course…. This is a real tribute to America, to entrepreneurship.” If your house impresses Mitt Romney, the ultimate one percenter, you know it must be pretty awesome. To start, John Schnatter’s 40,000 square foot castle is located in a wealthy country club suburb of Louisville, Kentucky. The property is spread out over a 16 acre estate and as Romney mentioned, features several swimming pools, a private lake and a golf course. The guest house alone is 6000 square feet and is valued at over $7 million according to! Another interesting feature is the 22 car multi-level underground garage which has its very own “valet office”, car wash and a gigantic motorized turn table-driveway to help park stretch limousines.


Thailand’s Anantara hotels brews Elephant Dung Coffee for $50 a Cup

The very idea of creating tastier coffee from the protein-broken coffee beans excreted by animals isn’t new. As we have earlier seen the kopi luwak coffee, a Southeast Asian brew made from sweet red coffee cherries passed through the digestive tract of an Asian palm civet, which was earlier thought to be the world’s most expensive coffee at a price of $600 a pound, when unveiled back in 2010. And, now the Thailand’s Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas properties are offering one of the world’s most expensive coffee, $1,100 for a kilogram made with beans popped-out by Thai elephants. Impressively dubbed as ‘Black Ivory Coffee, it’s a speciality brew made with beans digested and ‘naturally refined’ by elephants at the hotel group’s huge elephant camp situated behind its Golden Triangle resort.

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Yankees Pay A-Rod $130k Per Day to Ride the Bench

Earlier this morning, Yankees manager Joe Girardi announced that he is benching Alex Rodriguez for Game 5 of the American League division series. The news is particularly shocking when you recall that A-Rod is the highest paid baseball player in history with an annual salary of $30 million. In case you were wondering, the Yankees are paying Rodriguez $128,000 PER DAY to be a bench warmer. How do I get that job?

A-Rod, who has struck out in 27% of his career postseason at-bats, has played particularly poorly in this year’s ALDS. Before today’s benching, Rodriguez had just two hits out of twelve at-bats with nine strikeouts and zero RBIs. He is 0-11 against right handed pitchers and Baltimore’s right handed starter Jason Hammel completely shut-out Rodriguez in Game 1.

The benching comes after an embarrassing Game 4 which saw pinch hitter Rual Ibanez hit a game winning walk off home run in Alex Rodriguez’s spot. It was actually Ibanez’ second home run of the game and kept the Yankees alive for Game 5. The walk off homer may have also been the final nail in A-Rod’s career coffin. But with $118 million left on his record setting $275 million contract, the Yankees are in for at least five more years of having the most expensive bench warmer in sports history. That number grows to $120 million if A-Rod hits just 13 home runs next season to tie Willie Mays with 660 career HRs. In comparison, A-Rod’s replacement Eric Chavez makes just $900,000 per year.

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Campbell’s Soup Heiress’ $15.8M Rhode Island Estate comes with a private dock

Picturesquely sited on a rocky outcropping at the ocean’s edge, Wildacre, an iconic oceanfront property in Newport, Rhode Island, which is architecturally renowned for both its residence and landscape has now been listed for whopping $15.75 million. Sited on the most sought-after and dramatic stretch of Ocean Drive at affluent price’s Neck Cove, this single family shingle-style colonial home actually belongs to Dorrance ‘Dodo’ Hamilton, the heiress to the renowned Campbell Soup Company fortune with a net worth of $1.1 billion, who has always enjoyed a splendid life of wealth and glamor.

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