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A Rare 1793 Penny Sells For Over $1 Million

Coin collectors knows the value of pennies, quite literally! Some of the rare and historical coins are worth a big fortune. Collectors love to invest in rare coins, and the list of the world’s most expensive coins makes it apparent. Now, an undisclosed collector has bought a rare 1793 penny, one of the very first coins ever struck at the United States Mint in Philadelphia, featuring an early design and was never circulated, for over $1 million at an auction held by Heritage Auctions in Orlando, Florida. However, this is not the only coin that sells for big amount, a 1792 Silver Center cent is also expected to bring about $1,000,000 at this same auction.

Minted in 1793, the very first year when United States produced its own coins, this rare one cent copper coin was bought at the Florida United Numismatists convention. The back side of the coin sports linking rings which represents the solidarity of the original 13 colonies. However, this design was quickly replaced with a wreath after critics claimed the chain was symbolic of slavery.

James Halperin of Texas-based Heritage Auctions, who hosted this sale of historic coins, said that this coin, popularly known as a ‘Chain Cent’ was “the most a United States copper coin has ever sold for at auction.” Although, a few hundred of the 1793 coins are said to remain in different conditions, but this one is rare as it never went into circulation. Further, the coin shows no sign of wear on its lettering, its Lady Liberty face or the linking rings chain are in perfect condition.

Reportedly, the well known Baltimore banker, Louis E Eliasberg Sr. was the one of the earliest owners of this coin. ‘Mr Eliasberg was nicknamed “the king of coins” because before his death in 1976 he assembled a collection that consisted of at least one example of every coin ever made at the United States Mint, a feat never duplicated,’ Mr Halperin added.

However, the name of the buyer who bought this coin for around $1.4 million has not been revealed by the auctioneers, but it’s said that he’s a major collector.

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Oldest European book is bought by British Library for $12 million

The British Library can finally claim the seventh century St. Cuthbert Gospel as their own. For a price of £9 million ($14 million) they were able to purchase the book which was already in their possession (on loan) since 1979. Scot McKendrick, the head of history and classics at the British Library said “It is undoubtedly one of the world’s most important books”. The St. Cuthbert Gospel is the Gospel of St. John and was discovered in the saint’s coffin 900 years ago. From the Cuthbert’s coffin the book is made a long journey starting at the island of Lindisfarne in 698 and ended up in Durham in 1104. It is also believed to be the oldest surviving European book and has its original red leather binding which is in top condition.

British Library will display the book to the public in London as soon as the deal between them, Durham University and Durham Cathedral has been finalized.


World’s largest public toilet is set up for $123,000 in Japan

If you ever wanted to experience a modern day outhouse then here is your chance. Fly out to Japan and check out their Garden of Eden. Built at a cost of $123,000, this the only garden with a one-of-a-kind public toilet. Designed only for the ladies, architect Sou Fujimoto created a glass enclosed cubicle with a well placed commode in the center. While you do your business, you can have your zen moment and at the same time enjoy views of cherry, plum and peach trees in this 240 square yard garden. This garden is located near the rural yet serene Itabu Station at the Ichihara City. As for privacy, no worries; the garden is surrounded by 6-foot wall and will also have well placed growing trees.


World’s first gold iPad 3 debuts in Dubai

Dubai based Gold and Co London has unveiled their newest gold platted iPad 3. After their successful launch of 24K gold iPad 2 last year, it was obvious they would move on to iPad 3 and bling it out to appease the rich and the famous. The iPad 3 is gold-platted with 24K gold and will be limited to only 250 units. The 64 gigabyte gold iPad will be presented in a luxury handcrafted wooden box and will be available in UAE at Damas stores. Mr. Amjad Ali the chief executive of Goldand Co expressed “The Gulf region is one of our biggest markets,” and added “we can probably sell 250 iPads without a problem”.

The one-of-a-kind iPad will be exhibited at Damas Jewelry in Dubai Mall next week. The custom made gold iPad 3 will retail for approximately $4559 and will be auctioned to raise funds for local charities.

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